High quality foam

Do you want to enhance the comfort of your furniture?

High quality foam provides comfort and support for all of your project needs.

Different sizes of foam

What type of foam is right for you?

Like most other home and vehicle improvement materials, there are options when it comes to foam for your upholstering projects. The option you choose will have a major impact on the final look, feel and function of your upholstered piece.

Let us explain the different options to you so we can help you choose the one that is best for your project.

• Cotton
• Dacron
• Cushion wrap
• Polyfil

Get the amount of foam you need for your unique project

When you are taking on an upholstery project you want to make sure that you have enough foam to complete the project successfully – but not so much that you waste a large amount.

Come visit us and let us get you just the right amount of foam so you are confident that you can finish your project with the highest quality results – but not have a tremendous amount left over.

Foam is available in full size sheet as well as custom size sheets cut to your size specifications.

Call today for more information!


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