High quality bed foam and cover

Keep your home looking its best by taking care of your upholstered furniture

Refresh the look of your furniture or address damage with high quality upholstery from Heart of Texas Foam and Fabric.

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Extend the life of the furniture you love

You live your life on your furniture. From relaxing to working to spending time with your family, your furniture is where you spend much of your time at home. This means your furniture is living quite a life of its own.

Staining, odors, tearing and other damages can ruin the look and function of your furniture. Even without the damage, your furniture may be showing its age with outdated colors and patterns that no longer fit your personal tastes.

Refresh the look of your home and protect the integrity of your furniture by replacing or repairing its covers.

Choose the high-quality materials that fit your needs

Your personal tastes are your own, and you want the furniture in your home to reflect them. When preparing for furniture refreshing projects, choose from a wide variety of material, style and pattern options that will let you customize your pieces to meet your needs and the look of your home.

• Upholstery
• Cloth
• Vinyl
• Leather hides

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