Branded staple gun

Use the right tools to ensure a successful project

Having the appropriate tools on hand makes handling your upholstery and repair projects simpler and more successful.

High quality tools for upholstery

Let us help you decide what you need for your individual project

Whether you have extensive experience with upholstery projects or are embarking on your first attempt, it is essential that you have the right tools available to meet your needs.

Without the right tools you could damage your upholstery material or the surface you are trying to cover, or end up with subpar results. Let us help you evaluate your project so we can guide you to the right tools to make your project a success

Choose the tools that are right for you

Look to us for a full assortment of tools and supplies so you can approach your upholstery project with confidence.

• Staple guns
• Stray guns
• Foam cutters
• Hand tools
• Scissors

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