Different kinds of tools and equipments inside the shop

Are you looking for the finishing touch for your project?

Quality is all in the details – look to us for hardware that will enhance the look and function of your finished piece.

High quality different color threads

Get the hardware you need to ensure the performance you want

Your upholstery project doesn't just have to get finished. It has to last through all of your use for years to come. To ensure your hard work is rewarded with exceptional performance, choose the hardware that is designed to enhance function beautifully.

• Automotive clips
• Snaps
• Staples
• Thread
• Bobbins

Put the finishing details on your piece

Function is definitely not the only factor that matters when it comes to your finished upholstery project. You also want the finished project to look good and fit in with the design aesthetic of the rest of your space.

Look to us for a wide assortment of attractive hardware that puts the perfect finishing touch on your project.

• Decorative nails
• Grommets
• Buttons

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